We are a psychological, educational and diagnostic service with offices in Bardstown, KY, Lexington, KY, Indianapolis, IN and Madison, IN. 

Silver Circles, Inc. is under the direction of Catherine C. Barnes, a certified Irlen Institute Diagnostician and Screener Instructor. www.irlen.com

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Welcome to Silver Circles, Inc.

Dr. Pat Mitchell holds a mockup of the new book, "Lessons in Leadership" that was released February 16, 2016. 

Catherine Barnes contributed a chapter to the book listed below entitled "Silver Circles: Leading others through Teaching Leadership Qualities". Each leadership quality in the chapter was based on scripture from the Bible.

Dr. Mitchell said that Catherine's chapter was "the heart of the book".

The book is "Lessons in Leadership" which is available at Amazon.
Mike has been with Silver Circles
 since 2009. He is based in Lexington, KY., but travels to the Madison and Bardstown offices as needed. He is 
the Irlen consultant for Silver Circles and also a Certified Irlen Screener.

Jennifer Gomez, OT 
and her service dog, Serena
               May 19, 2017
    Dr. Patricia Mitchell received
 The Special Achievement Award
        Morgan State University.
     She is a long time friend and
              board member of
             Silver Circles, Inc.
       Congratulations, Dr. Pat!
Jennifer wearing her newest pair
 of progressive lenses with Irlen 
filter colors. The Irlen lab has strict 
guidelines when applying the Irlen filters
 to a pair of progressive lenses. Please request additional information.