Catherine's Schedule

Bardstown,        Mondays  

Lexington,        August 13. 2019
Ky                      August 20, 2019
                          August 29, 2019                       
Madison, IN      Thursday

Corydon, IN      August 22, 2019

Lexington,       Oct. 1-2, 2019
KY                      Screener Trng.    



Travel Fees: Catherine is not reimbursed by the Irlen Institute for her time or travel expenses, so it is necessary for Catherine to schedule several clients in a city for the same dates to help share her travel costs. Please try not to cancel an appointment you have made with Catherine unless there is an emergency.

Payment Policies: Catherine accepts payment by check, cash or credit card (through PayPal). Payments need to be made in full before frames are sent to the Irlen lab.

Insurance Terms: Photophobia, light sensitivity, scotopic sensitivity  

Medical Code: CPT:
ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code H53.149

Please email Catherine at or call either 859-489-7773 or 812-273-6986 for more information and to make appointments.

Catherine C. Barnes, Director
Silver Circles, Inc.
410 Mulberry Street
Madison, IN 47250

Please call 812-273-6986 
or email 
to schedule your session


Irlen Filters 1st Day:

In the few hours I've had my Irlen lenses I've noticed 
several changes. Certain colors are a little more vibrant!
I could only see things clearly in a quarter sized spot. 
Now I can see much more. I can see someone's whole 
face now! I didn't realize that I should be able to see a
whole face. I can see a whole word now instead of only
2-3 letters, so reading is SO much easier. Reading 
music, watching TV, working on laptop is so much 
easier! Just having my eyes open doesn't hurt anymore!
I didn't realize how painful it was until I wore the glasses.
I'm so excited! It's like seeing for the first time! There's 
a whole world that I couldn't see before! When I got out 
of the shower, the light was bothering me and I was
eager to get my glasses back on. When I put them on, 
my eyes relaxed, my neck and shoulder tension left 
and I stopped squinting my eyes. Yay!

Irlen Filters 2nd Day:

This morning I noticed how my brain felt calmer and my
constant headache is gone!! I showed where on my 
head. One of the main areas is all across the top of my 
head, a bit to the back. We looked at a model of the 
brain and main areas are across the SENSORY 
CORTEX. Also the constant headache between my eyes
 is gone. Deep in my brain feels calmer.

Irlen Filters 3rd Day:

I have been headache/migraine free for two days!!!!!!!!!! I
love my Irlen glasses! When I went to Walmart, it was 
still a bit overwhelming and nauseating. But this time 
because I could see everything! I think this is because 
I’m still getting use to the lenses. As we were driving, I 
commented on the telephone poles. They stand out an 
up! I thought I was seeing that, but guess not!

Irlen Filters 4th Day:

NO headache on a 5:30 day! SO AMAZING! I have never
had a 5:30 day when I did not take pain killer for headache/migraine! 

Irlen Filters 5th Day:

I have discovered today I have not been seeing 
3-D. I saw snow failing today in 3-D. It was so amazing. I stopped walking in the parking lot at preschool today and just stood there watching it 
fall until I started crying. It was so beautiful! I 
did not realize I wasn’t seeing in 3-D like I 
thought I was. I guess my imagination was 
trying to fill in the gaps. After I got home, I sat 
at the patio door and watched the snow fall. It’s 
so amazing! I love my Irlen glasses!

Irlen Filters 6th Day:

The gravel and snow don’t hurt anymore! 
Walking across the gravel driveway has 
always been so painful in my head. Now it’s 
not! I even drove in the snow WITHOUT SUNGLASSES! That’s amazing! I could 
never drive or ride in a car without my 
sunglasses. I used to have trouble even 
looking out the window at snow because
it hurt so badly. Now I can sit and enjoy it.
I’ve had several people tell me I look so 
happy and that I’m “like a new Candace”.
I’m not in so much pain. I have realized I 
had a headache 24/7. I didn’t think I had 
one until it got really bad. Now that I have
the lenses, I’m 5 days with no headache 
and no pain killer! While putting lights on
our Christmas tree, I was able to enjoy the
lights! They are not strobe lights anymore!

Irlen Filters 7th Day:

I was able to look at the moon this morning on the way to work. It was like seeing a different moon. I’ve not been able to see the different colors from craters before because it was too bright. I have yet to see stars, but look forward to it! Being in a store is still a bit nauseating. I think because there is now such much to take in, I’m getting overwhelmed. No headache today! Today is our first sunny day since I got my glasses. The sky is so high! I didn’t realize I couldn’t see that.